The Wait Might Actually Be Killer

I am one who is always very cautious of anything that could do harm to my┬ábody. I am 21 and in college. I have never smoked a cigarette, barley drink, (only because I generally have a weak stomach) and make weird health concoctions which my friends think are “weird and too healthy and gross to drink.” I love my body and I take care of it. One thing I do to neglect my health however, is my skin by tanning. I’m not talking about going to the tanning beds to stay tan all year around like most girls my age do, I’m talking about during the summer laying out in my backyard or at the beach trying to get as tan as I can get. Since I do not burn a whole lot at the end of the summer I tend to not use sunscreen all that much. I am learning now however, that this choice could be a huge mistake. During the summer while I was laying out I glanced over my leg and looked at my small mole that has been there my entire life. For some reason however, it looked different to me. It had two black dots in the light brown mole. As a laid there, I tried to think if the dots had always been there, but as to my knowledge, they hadn’t been. I didn’t phase me too much but I sent a picture to my mother who was a nurse. She looked at it and told me she would make a doctors appointment for when I came home. (I was living down south for the summer). When I came back in august I saw my regular doctor for a yearly appointment. I mentioned to her that I thought I saw a slight change in my mole but she told me it was probably nothing to worry about but if I wanted to get it looked at by the demonologist to make an appointment. I didn’t really think I needed to because if my own doctor didn’t think it was anything it probably wasn’t, right? Since she’s not a specialist in moles and since I typically am a worry wort (hence my blogger name) I decided to go on ahead and make the appointment. My appointment was scheduled in December for when I came back home from college for the winter break. I finally rolled up to my appointment, alone. This was actually my first doctors appointment I had ever gone to alone. Once I got registered and situated I got called back by one of the assistants who gave me a gown to put on to change and informed me the doctor would be in shortly. I was surprisingly not nervous at all. I just thought it was a good thing I was there to get all of my moles checked because I had never done that before and I would be in and out just like my sisters have when they go to their appointments. (I should also mention I have skin cancer on both sides of my family but not melanoma). The doctor knocked in, greeted herself and sat down. I told her I was slightly concerned about the one mole on the side of my leg and maybe even another mole on the back of the same leg (I accidentally shaved it with my razor a few times). The doctor went to look all around and told me the one on the side of my leg definitely was different colors and informed me she was going to remove the mole and the mole on the back of my leg that was also slightly mis-colored to a pathologist where they will determine if it is melanoma or not. She told me she didn’t think they were but was just going to send them away just to be sure. It was all happening so fast only because of the shaving of the mole part. This, I was slightly scared of but I thanked her, put on my cloths and walked into the next room where they were ready to remove my moles. Once they were removed my doctor told me it usually takes a week but will probably take longer because of the holidays. Its been four days and the waiting is eating at me just slightly. My question for you guys is, would you be worried if you were me? I know I probably shouldn’t because my doctor said she didn’t think it was but the possibly that it might be scares me a little. What do you all think?

More information about my more: It did not appear to change shape, dimension, or anything in that nature. The only thing different was the color.

Thank you all for reading my first post!

Picture I sent to my mom in the summer of my mole, Do you think it looks normal?